Speeddating #1 @ Goethe-Institut Pune, Indien

Online Performance screening on the occasion of World Dance Day 29. April 2021.

In collaboration with International Association of Performing Arts & Research (IAPAR) and TanzKollektivBremen.

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29. April 2021, Length: 40 Min., the link will be active betwenn the time period 16:00 – 24:00

About the Performance:
During a Lockdown, where performance in public was not possible, the two dancers Tomas Bünger and Sergey Zhukov met for one week on stage without any preparation. Out of manz improvisations an evening was realised which was a reflection of the situation we are all in. But it is also an attempt to mix theatre and dance, reality and fiction and talk about queerness. It is and experience wherein the german Tanztheater shining through and which is based on the trust of two friends.

Dance Choreography: Tomas Bünger and Sergey Zhukov
Light and Sound: Lina Brockob and Josephine Mielke
Initiated by TanzKollektivBremen
Supported by Schwankhalle Bremen

About Dance in April @ IAPAR:
IAPAR Presents – APRIL DANCE 2021
2020 has been a year of pause, of reflection and immense creative re-imagination. In the wake of and almost still in the midst of a pandemic, how do we begin again?
What are the ways in which a connection can be reestablished with ourselves in space, and with others? What lessons can we absorb from those who are living, and moving, and practicing differently from us?
The 29th of April is celebrated as International Day of Dance by the ITI and over the last few years IAPAR has been initiating a few events in the city of Pune around this time.
You can find the details of all the events and also the registration formality of the same in this form. Kindly select the event(s) you’d like to register for and complete the application.