TanzKollektivBremen (TKB) sees itself as a platform for contemporary dance and was founded in 2013 by Tomas Bünger, Magali Sander Fett and Miroslaw Żydowicz. Based on the own, very different biographies of the three performers, the work of the TKB is always about the dance confrontation with reality and the relevance and forms of expression of the body in society. In joint artistic research, new performative formats emerge on stage, but also in entirely different spaces. Since the 2020/21 season, the dancers have been housemates at the Schwankhalle Bremen. With this model, the Schwankhalle Bremen intensifies and consolidates its collaboration with the TKB.


TKB seeks contact with other arts and milieus and regularly collaborates with other artists and groups. As guests, the musicians and sound designers Riccardo Castagnola and Jonas Wiese, as well as the stage designer and video artist Till Botterweck (URBANSCREEN). Ulrike Ostern is project and production manager of the collective.

Other partners are:


Kick & Rush!

Dance performance

50 minutes, premiere 09.07.2021
ATS Buntentor, Bremen

By: Magali Sander

Five dancers explore the world of football through artistic means. They want to learn what they cannot: Play football. What does the "choreography" on the field look like? What are rules and orders? What are the rituals before the game? How do the bodies of ballerinas and footballers differ? A performance on the football field emerges from the field research.

Choreography: Magali Sander Fett

Performance: Veronica Bracaccini, Ela Fischer, Neus Ledesma, Miriam Röder, Magali Sander Fett, Frauke Scharf

Dramaturgische Beratung: Ahilan Bhuvanendra Ratnamohan, Tomas Bünger

Livesound: Jonas Wiese

Stage design: Till Botterweck

Costumes: Katja Fritzsche

Technical direction: Timo Reichenberger

Project management: Ulrike Osten

Production management: Birte Neumann

Artistic assistance: Farina Maletz

A co-production by TanzKollektivBremen and Schwankhalle as part of Tanz Bremen and the Bremen Kultursommer Summarum.

Supported by the NATIONALE PERFORMANCE NETZ - STEPPING OUT, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media as part of the NEUSTART KULTUR initiative, dance support programme. Supported by the Senator for Culture Bremen

2D – dramatic dimensions

Media dance performance

50 minutes, premiere 19.10.2019, Kunsthalle Bremen

By: Magali Sander Fett und Till Botterweck URBANSCREEN

ICONS that visitors have previously viewed in the exhibition are projected into a space. The four performers and the specially developed sound add another spatial and temporal dimension to the projections. As a result, viewers experience a moving worship in all directions through body, sound, language, form and abstraction. The artworks thus come alive and are expanded by new, fascinating facets for the audience.

Dance: Neus Ledesma, Magali Sander Fett, Anton Rudakov, Mirosław Żydowicz
Choreography: Magali Sander Fett
Video: Till Botterweck
Sounddesign: Jonas Wiese
Dramaturgical advice: Tomas Bünger
Production management: Alex Gesch
Project management: Ulrike Osten

Production: TanzKollektivBremen and URBANSCREEN
Coproduction: Kunsthalle Bremen

Sponsored by: Fonds Darstellende Künste, Karin und Uwe Hollweg Stiftung, Waldemar Koch Stiftung, Senator für Kultur 

Supported by: Schwankhalle, Theater Schlachthof

Dialog der Körper

65 minutes, premiere 21.6.2019, Schwankhalle Bremen

By: Magali Sander Fett and Mirosław Żydowicz

"Dialog der Körper" explores the cultural imprint of bodies in two duets. "Pas des deux" takes on the motif of the same name from classical ballet: what does the "step for two" look like as a contemporary couple dance that reserves all eventualities? "One" is inspired by Shakespeare's love sonnets and the symptoms of Huntington's disease. How do desire and jealousy come together with the involuntary, uncoordinated movements of the so-called St. Vitus dance?

Art direction: Tomas Bünger
Choreography and dance: Magali Sander Fett/ Mirosław Żydowicz
Sounddesign: Riccardo Castagnola
Technical direction: Jürgen Petersen
Project management: Ulrike Osten
Production: TanzKollektivBremen
Coproduction: Schwankhalle

Sponsored by: Senator für Kultur Bremen

31 Skizzen

Premiere 11.10.2018, Theater Bremen

By: Magali Sander Fett

In 1968 Johann Kresnik founded his Choreographic Theater at the Theater Bremen. 50 years later, TanzKollektivBremen explores the rather unknown graphic work of the choreographer and artist Kresnik. His sketches were the origin of his productions, his first and most original thoughts. In Thirty-One Sketches, five dancers establish a personal relationship with the images and use them like a foil. Magali Sander Fett's choreography is a performative examination of power relations and polarities. Experiences, feelings, but also the origin and generation of the dancers involved form a new interpretation of the drawings from today's perspective.

Choreography: Magali Sander Fett
Dance: Neus Ledesma, Anton Rudakov, Magali Sander Fett, Frauke Scharf, Mirosław Żydowicz
Music: Jonas Wiese
Stage: Till Botterweck URBANSCREEN
Costumes: Lilly Bosse
Light: Till Botterweck, Peter Schmidt
Artistic assistance: Tomas Bünger
Project management: Ulrike Osten
Coordination: Susan Barnett

Production: TanzKollektivBremen
Coproduction: Theater Bremen

Sponsored by: Senator für Kultur, Karin und Uwe Hollweg Stiftung, Waldemar Koch Stiftung Supported by: Schwankhalle Bremen.


Premiere 15.09.2017, Schwankhalle Bremen

By: Tomas Bünger

What does dance have to do with me standing here today? For many dancers migration is a professional principle of life, they are used to working with all kinds of people in all kinds of places. In the most diverse places. Being a stranger is part of everyday life. For many other people leaving their home country is the last way out of their misery. In FREMD.SEIN, a contemporary dancer from Brazil with german roots, an urban dancer from a syrian family and a breakdancer who fled from Gambia in 2014 share personal stories and explore their own life paths.

Dance: Ben Hasan Al-Rim, Mustapha Danso, Magali Sander Fett
Video: Till Botterweck URBANSCREEN
Costumes: Christin Bokelmann

Production: TanzKollektivBremen
Coproduction: Schwankhalle

Sponsored by: Senator für Kultur and Waldemar Koch Stiftung.
This production was supported within a research program of Fonds Darstellende Künste.


Premiere 18.03.2017, Schwankhalle Bremen

By: Tomas Bünger, Magali Sander Fett, Kiri Haardt

Every day we expose ourselves to the environment - and deal with it. We are resonant bodies because we relate to each other. What does the world of one trigger in another one's world? And how much resonance do I allow? Three contemporary dancers/choreographers have been in dialogue with three new music composers over a period of months. The first fragments of their own artistic genre emerged, improvisations enriched each other's worlds, and the three dialogues are now combined in a performative act that gives sound and body equal space.

Choreography and performance: Tomas Bünger, Magali Sander Fett, Kiri Haardt
Composition: Riccardo Castagnola, Andreas Paparousos, Alexander F. Müller
Conductor: René Gulikers
Musicians: Ensemble New Babylon
Costumes: Christin Bokelmann
Artistic assistance: Susan Barnett

Production: TanzKollektivBremen and Ensemble New Babylon
Coproduction: Schwankhalle

And now with Music

60 minutes, premiere 12.01.2017, Schwankhalle Bremen

By: Magali Sander Fett

Contemporary dance and dance sport? How do they fit together? Fascinated by a completely different dance world, Tomas Bünger and Magali Sander Fett explore the latin formation the Grün-Gold-Club Bremen. In a self-experiment they let two Bremen-based traditions collide, investigate dance and talk about the dances and in conversation for commonalities of the seemingly so different milieus. What is it, that defines dance styles and their communities? According to which rules and codes does the dance function? How does the group work and where is the individual? 'AND NOW WITH MUSIC' is bursting with humor, adrenaline, drama, sweat and pain! Because: The show must go on!

Dance: Magali Sander Fett / Tomas Bünger
Stage and video design: Till Botterweck URBANSCREEN
Costumes: Katja Fritzsche
Project management: Ulrike Osten
Technical direction: Jürgen Petersen

Production: TanzKollektivBremen
Coproduction: Schwankhalle

Sponsored by: Waldemar Koch Stiftung

Schweres Wasser

60 minutes, premiere 04.12.2015 Schwankhalle Bremen

By / with: Magali Sander Fett / Frauke Scharf

Can you dance water? And how can a narrative be translated into movement? Inspired by the stories of the author John von Düffel the dancers deal with water in its most diverse manifestations: Rivers, sea, rain, fog, ice. Together they dive along the texts into associations rich in images, physical sensations and mental states: "I'm standing on the beach, looking at the the winter-smooth water. Where it rests, where it stirs. The ice is quite tender and vulnerable, like the skin on a cooled down milk... soft ice water fluff." (John von Düffel, free translation of "Wassererzählung", DuMont: Cologne, 2014)

Stage and video design: Till Botterweck URBANSCREEN
Sounddesign: Normen Hansen
Voice: Daniel Fries
Costumes: Lilly Bosse
Project management: Ulrike Osten

Production: TanzKollektivBremen

Sponsored by Choreographisches Centrum Heidelberg, supported by Schwankhalle Bremen. In Cooperation with Literaturhaus Bremen.

Corvus – Second Nature

60 minutes, premiere 30.10.2014 Theater Bremen

By: Magali Sander Fett

Are you a migratory bird? Where are you native? Inspired by the behavior of ravens choreographer Magali Sander Fett follows the dynamics of a group.

Starring: Rita Aozane Bilibio, Tomas Bünger, Magali Sander Fett, Miroslaw Żydowicz

Sounddesign/ live act: Jonas Wiese
Stage and video design: Till Botterweck URBANSCREEN
Costumes: Nele Dörschner
Artistic assistance: Susan Barnett
Production management: Ulrike Osten
Production assistance: Lisa Schneider
Advice: Cordula Weißköppel

Sponsored by: Senator für Kultur Bremen

Street Art Project – Allowed to play

Dance performance with live music and projection

65 minutes, premiere 22.01.2014, Schwankhalle Bremen

By: Magali Sander Fett
Starring: Bahar Gökten, Magali Sander Fett

Inspired by pictures on the walls of buildings, dance, music and video projections create three-dimensional collages. The audience is drawn into an atmosphere between battle, club scene and live concert.

Stage and video design: Till Botterweck URBANSCREEN
Light design: Philipp Wiechert
Sound design: Jonas Wiese URBANSCREEN

Sponsored by: Senator für Kultur Bremen and Waldemar Koch Stiftung